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Visit Wandin Valley Estate Cafe at Hop 7 of your iHop Hunter Valley Hop on, Hop off tour.

P: 02 4930 9888
W: https://www.wandin.com.au/

Visit them another time at ‘Wandin Valley Estate Cafe’.
12 Wilderness Road,
Lovedale NSW 2320

Taste Seasonal Local Cuisine

Every day at Wandin awakens our senses, and every bottle of wine we create, every experience we share with you reflects that in every way.

Wander through Wandin and you’ll experience the way we live, work and breathe. Our commitment to you and each other is delivering quality, creativity and enjoyment in every aspect of our business.

With careful respect to our natural environment, we nurture our soils and integrate our vineyard, Wandin Cellar Door, Wandin Café and Vineyard Villas in harmony. Working this land gives us utmost pride and sharing it with you, much joy. From work to play, our Lovedale locale treats every sense to an unforgettable experience of nature.

Service is meticulous and every detail considered with care. From the softest linen in your villa to degustation delights in the café, the Wandin experience is luxurious and thoughtful.

We exist to create an experience for you that takes you on the ultimate sensory journey. From outstanding wines for every palate to the hospitality of our estate, let us shower you with the true country charm that is the Hunter Valley and Wandin.

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