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Visit Tatler Wines & Tapas Cafe at Hop 3 of your iHop Hunter Valley Hop on, Hop off tour.

P: 02 4930 9139
W: https://tatlerwines.com/

Visit them another time at ‘Tatler Wines’.
477 Lovedale Road,
Lovedale NSW 2325

55 Years of Family Hospitality

The Isak (Isakidis) family have a long tradition in the hospitality industry. Over 55 years in fact.

Originally from Greece – James Dimitri Isak (Isakidis) moved to New Zealand with his wife Georgia (Rita) to start a new life after serving in the Hellenic Army. He served in the Sacred Regiment as a Special Forces paratrooper under the Allied Raiding Forces. This force was attached to the SAS in the Middle East and the SBS in the Aegean Sea in WWII. They went on to have two sons Spiros and Theo. Finally settling in Australia in 1974, when they bought their first hotel. Spiros and Theo joined the family business as soon as they were old enough, expanding their footprint in the Sydney hotel scene.

James Isak’s long held dream and vision was for his sons Spiros and Theo to grow and source high quality grapes, make excellent quality wines and continue the hospitality family tradition, which they do to this day. The Isak family passion for creating outstanding food and beverage experiences with exemplary customer service has been infused in the experiences now enjoyed by locals and tourists at Tatler in The Hunter Valley.

Spiro and Theo’s children are now also actively engaged in the Tatler business, continuing the long and proud tradition created by their Grandparents. Today the business includes a 100-tonne winery which produces their award-winning wines.

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